This page is also available in:Italian, Hebrew

Mikvah of Piazza Bologna

This page is also available in: Italian, Hebrew

The Mikva of Piazza Bologna was built under the directives of Rabbi Meir Posen and is supervised by Rabbi Menachem Lazar.

The water in the Mikva is exclusively rainwater collected on the large roof directly above the Mikva.

The Mikva also has a reservoir on the side and one under, both are filled up with zria and have continued hashoka. When the water level in the Mikva decreases, rainwater is added. The water is cleaned thanks to the latest filter technology approved by Rabbi Posen.

The Mikva for men is also comprised of rainwater and has a lower reservoir.

The Mikva for utensils (kelim) has a reservoir under, it was initially filled up with rainwater and tap water is added.

The Mikva was built keeping in mind all different opinions and customs.

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