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This page is also available in: Italian, Hebrew

Chabad Piazza Bologna operates an information hotline, email and website with the full listing of Shuls, Kosher places, and hotels in the proximity of shuls.

There are three areas that we advise you to stay when coming to Rome:

1) Historic area where the Ghetto quarter is located with many Kosher restaurants and daily services including the Great Synagogue of Rome.

2) Shopping area close to the Termini train station and Piazza Repubblica where there is a Ashkenazi shul with daily minyan for Shacharit.

3) Jewish area of Piazza Bologna where we are located, with shuls with daily service, a Kosher bakery, restaurants and stores.

In the area of Piazza Bologna there are various attractions like the Museum of Villa Torlonia, Bunkers of Mussolini, the Jewish catacombs, Villa Massimo, Villa Albani Torlonia, Villa Mirafiori, Villino Crespi, etc…

There are various parks: Villa Torlonia, Villa Paganini, Villa Blanc, etc… For children, there is TechTown, Il Villaggio dei Galli,

Shabbat Meals in Rome

Please visit the page to see the options of Shabbat meals at Chabad, a restaurant, ordering meals or being hosted by a family.

Pesach Seder in Rome

On Pesach Chabad organizes the Pesach Seders and the meals on the last days of Pesach, during the week there are Kosher for Passover places open, for more info please see Pesach in Rome .

Shuls (Synagogues)

Weekday Shacharit is at 7:30 in almost all Synagogues besides the Spanish Synagogue that starts at 7:00.
Weekday Mincha-Arvit is available at the Great Synagogue and at Beth El.
Friday night and Shabbat afternoon services are around candle lighting time.
Shabbat Shacharit in almost all synagogues is at 9:30.

Rabbi Lazar prays at Beth Shmuel in Via Garfagnana 4a besides Shabbos Shacharis at Agudat Ashkenazim in Via Balbo 33.


Free hospitality is not available, there are Kosher hotels in Rome besides the traditional hotels, these Kosher Bed and Breakfast are usually located in one or more apartments within a building, these hotels usually have a private bathroom, provide a Kosher breakfast (either packaged or from a bakery under the Beit Din of Rome) and provide amenities for Shabbat.
We have setup a special Chabad rate that you should request when booking in the following places:

Kosher Food in Rome

The Chabad House could host and prepare take away for groups Kosher Mehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Menachem Lazar.

All the restaurants are under the supervision of the Beth Din (Rabbinical Court) of the Jewish Community of Rome led by Rabbi Riccardo Shmuel Disegni.

Little Tripoli is the only restaurant that uses exclusively Glatt Kosher meat, most restaurants carry also Glatt meat on request.

All dairy restaurants are Cholov Isroel, besides the milk at Flour which is Cholov Akum.

The Shabbat meal caterings who could also cater during the week with advanced notice, all are under the Hashgacha of Rabbi Hazan (Chabad).

Kosher gelato Cholov Isroel could be purchased at the Kosher Gelato shop (the whip cream is not Cholov Isroel).

The bread sold in noncertified stores is usually not Kosher being that most bakeries use lard.

There is no supervision on the milk sold in regular supermarkets, the production of the brand Latte Sano was once checked by the Beis Din of Rome.

Here are two lists of Kosher products that could be found in the regular supermarkets (we take no responsibility for the update of the list):

Mikvah in Rome

There are four women’s mikvahs, an appointment is required. The Mikva in Piazza Bologna is the only one Bor al Gabei Bor.

There is no mikvah for men yet, but upon request, the Mikvah could be opened for men.

A new Mikvah for men is currently under development in the area of Piazza Bologna.

Jewish Tours in Rome

Depending on your budget, we advise that you take a tour guide to learn about the history of Jewish Rome, there are two companies that provide group tours of different areas, each tour is approximately 3 hours and costs around €100 per person per tour, contact us if you want a private tour guide that charges per hour and could take you at your own pace.

If you don’t want to enter a church, please be advised that the Sistine Chapel and the Pantheon, host religious services occasionally.

Dress Code

To attend services and Shabbat meals the dress code should be smart casual or informal, no need of tie.

Directions from the airports

Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci airport (FCO)

  • Taxis will charge about 48 euro within the city walls. For jewish drivers click here or contact us.
  • The shuttle is 15 euro per person.
  • The train to Termini is 14 euro and to Tiburtina is 8 euro.
  • The bus goes to Piazza Cavour or Termini and is 4 euro.

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